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shp logo 200pxNew members of the Board of Governors were appointed by the General Meeting and Elections held at the Kraków-Katowice Branch of SHP on 23 June 2014. Henryk Figiel was appointed as the Chair, and the following colleagues as other members of the Board: Andrzej Grabowski, Edeltrauda Helios-Rybicka, Marian Jaskuła and Roman Pfitzner. The Branch's General Meeting abstained from appointment of the Audit Committee for the upcoming term of office.

The ex-members of the Board were Halina Gabryś (President), Edeltrauda Helios-Rybicka (Vice-President), Henryk Figiel (Secretary), Zbigniew Maciąg and Andrzej Grabowski (Members). Zbigniew Miszalski also cooperated closely with the Board on most issues. The former Audit Committee consisted of Jerzy Pamin, Czesław Klocek and Jerzy Jedliński.

On behalf of the SHP Board of Governors, we would like to congratulate to the newly appointed Colleagues and wish them the best of success in the new term and fruitful cooperation with the Association. At the same time we whole-heartedly extend thanks to the ex-members of the Board and the Audit Committee for their engagement and all efforts.

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