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portret tomOn 20.10.2014 at the AndrzejFryczModrzewskiKrakowUniversity the conference “The democratic, lawful and social state – society, politics, management” was organized on the occasion of 45 years of scientific and didactic activity of professor Zbigniew A. Maciąg, one of the founders of the University, the former scholar of the AvH Foundation and the active member of SHP. Professor Bogusław Banaszak turned very nice words in his “laudation” to professor Maciąg celebrating his jubilee. Many prominent lawyers and constitutionalists participated in the conference. During the conference the multi-volume edition of the collection of scientific studies concerning the constitution, history of law, systemic, social, economic and politics entitled “The democratic, lowful and social state” were presented to professor Maciąg.

Joining the gratulations, professor Henryk Figiel, the chairman of the Cracow-Katowice Branch of SHP handed professor Maciąg the letter of congratulations from prof. Tomasz Sterzyński, the President of the SHP management board.

Professor Zbigniew A. Maciąg has made a big contribution to the development of  the Societas Humboldtiana Polonorum, in particular in the formal and law aspects. He is one of distinguished experts of the constitutional low. The beginning of his scientific activity is related with his visits to the former Federal Republic of Germany also as the AvH scholar. The basis of his scientific position is connected with his interest in the problems of democratic and social state of law in Germany.

A short footage from this event is available at:,846,6,0,jubileusz_prof._zbigniewa_maciaga.html


1. Prof. Zbigniew Antoni Maciąg – the Jubilee

portret tom


2. Congratulations from prof. H. Figiel

IMG 0072


3. Prof. Z. A. Maciąg with the conference participants

IMG 0077


4. Offering of the edition of the collection of scientific studies dedicated to the Jubilee

IMG 0129

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